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Posted by Steve Watson on Thursday, January 31 2013

Last year we sent out more than £105 worth of magazines, but a year's sub costs as little as £66

At the end of last year we had to put up the prices on Stack. Raising prices is only ever done reluctantly and after a lot of frowning at the calculator, but I wanted to take a minute to show that even with the new prices Stack offers pretty brilliant value for money.

Last year we sent out £105 worth of magazines:

DOR – £7 (approx. conversion from euros)
Boat – £8
Ride Journal – £10
Anorak – £6
Oh Comely – £4
Port – £5
Wooden Toy – £20
Rouleur – £10
Juke – £8.95
VNA – £5.99
Wrap – £10.50
Delayed Gratification – £10
Total – £105.44

A year’s subscription to Stack in the UK costs from £66 (or £16.50 every three months), which makes for a fantastic saving on the cover price of the magazines.

Even overseas subscriptions stack up well – a year’s subscription to the USA costs £80 (or £20 every three months), while European subscriptions cost €130/£112 (or €32.50/£28 every three months). Amazingly, it costs us more to post magazines within Europe than it does to ship them out to America.

We don’t normally go in for such brazen blowing of our own trumpet, but I think it’s important at a time when people are feeling the pressure financially, to point out that magazines can still be an affordable luxury. And with Stack they’re even more affordable!

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