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Stack selects the best independent magazines and delivers them direct to your door

Stack founder Steven Watson

I started Stack because I think people want something better to read. There are piles of fantastic magazines out there just waiting to be discovered, and Stack makes it cheaper and easier than ever for people to find and enjoy them.

Finding quality independent magazines can be difficult – most people don’t live near a great magazine shop, and there are so many options online that it’s easy to get lost amongst the pixels. Stack acts as a filter, selecting the best independent titles and supplying them at the best price via our subscription service and our weekly Sampler offers.

You'll love Stack because...

It’s a surprise!

Every month that big brown envelope will thump onto your doormat, containing one of the world’s best independent magazines. You never know what you’re going to get next, but you do know it will be a beautiful, intelligent magazine you probably wouldn’t otherwise have come across.

It’s top quality

The magazines we send out mix quality writing with cutting-edge design and the most exacting production values to guarantee that you’ll want to keep them on your shelf long after you’ve finished reading.

It’s great value for money

We want the best magazines to be available to all so we keep our prices low – a subscription to Stack costs £7 per month, or even less if you sign up for an annual plan. Most Stack titles cost £10 or more in the shops, so you could have them delivered to your door while saving more than 30% off the cover price.

It’s totally up to date

We only send out the current issue of any magazine, so you can be sure you’re right up to date with the latest independent publishing. Every delivery comes with a letter from me, explaining why I picked the magazine and telling you more about it, giving you an extra glimpse into the world of independent publishing.

And it makes a great gift

Buying Stack as a gift subscription is a great way to tell somebody you think they’re an interesting person who looks beyond the mainstream. Sign up for somebody else and we’ll start you off with a gift card you can give to them before the magazines arrive.

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