Sampler: Accent’s 4th issue satirises gossip magazines

Posted by Grace Wang on Thursday, July 12 2018

The glittering A-listers who embrace the atypical life

Taking inspiration from celebrity gossip magazines, this latest issue of Accent profiles dazzling A-listers — but these alternative idols live on the fringes of the ‘ordinary’. Their cover star, for one, is the son of the soul superstar Sade, and visible for being a trans role model.

There is astonishingly good photography, chaotic graphic design, and biting satire, all of which piece together true stories of people around the world who dare to live life on their own terms. Scroll down to see sample spreads and content outlines, and if you like the sound of this, head over to Sampler to secure your copy for free shipping.


In this issue:
— Izaak Adu speaks about his experience as a young trans man
— Kala Kala has dedicated his life to spreading peace and love on the streets of central London
— Manuela Soto (soto.gang) is raising awareness about sexual abuse in the tattoo industry
— The home of Patrick Blanc and Pascal of Bollywood — an ecological wonderland with a sauna room full of tropical frogs
— From awkward first kisses to epiphanies, puts queer memories on a global map
— And an advice column, including tips on how to quit your job



As a supplement to the main Stack subscription, Sampler lets you try single issues for 10% off and free shipping to the US, UK and Europe. But we have limited copies available, so don’t sleep on this!

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