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by Steve Watson in May 2020
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Eddy Rhead is one of the editors of The Modernist, the magazine we delivered to our subscribers last month, April 2020. Featuring a bin on the cover and including stories on bus shelters, concrete and the vagaries of 1950s planning permission, it makes for a strange read. But it’s also beautiful and enlightening and unexpectedly idealistic – listen to the podcast above and you’ll catch a glimpse of the zeal that has driven this magazine for the last 11 years: “There’s a paucity of ambition in today’s society,” Eddy says. “There isn’t that ambition to make the world a better place – modernism didn’t always get it right, but that’s what they were aiming for.”

And like the architects, designers, planners and makers whose work fills their pages, Eddy and the team are similarly motivated to make things better. Working with a small budget, they have continually developed the magazine to make the most of what they have and to adapt to the new circumstances in which they find themselves. It was lovely speaking to him and filling in some of the gaps in my understanding of the magazine, so I hope you’ll enjoy this episode, and of course you can find lots more conversations with editors in our archives on Soundcloud or iTunes, or we should hopefully pop up if you search for us wherever you get your podcasts.

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