30-Second Story: ‘Black Kitchen Culture’ in MacGuffin #4

Posted by Grace Wang on Tuesday, August 8 2017

A General Electric ad from the 50s sought to reinforce a new white middle class aesthetic

Arts and crafts magazine MacGuffin is fascinated with hidden stories behind everyday objects. Each issue, they dissect one thing people interact with on a daily basis, an object that’s often reductively characterised into being mundane and is usually overlooked. Their latest issue obsesses over the sink, tackling this irreplaceable feature in most domestic spaces quite literally from the top and bottom, from the many shapes a sink can take, to the underbelly of the garbage disposal.

But we were particularly taken with ‘Black Kitchen Culture’, a feature looking at the way race status, class conflicts and civil rights came to the surface in the depiction of African Americans and their kitchens in 50s ads and 70s sitcoms. Watch the video to find out more…

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