30-Second Story: Forgotten marble in Disegno #15

Posted by Grace Wang on Tuesday, August 1 2017

The fascinating story of silipol, a 50s building material whose timely invention deserves to be remembered

A quarterly with in-depth reporting on architecture, design and fashion, Disegno is a staple at the Stack office. Last year, the team went through a redesign to prioritise the magazine’s fantastic writing, and now its eye-catching covers are brandished with the story contents inside.

We sent this one out on Sampler a few weeks ago, and I’ve really enjoyed reading it — from a travelogue on the post-quake reconstruction in Kathmandu, to a short history of the Stoke Newington makers’ hub on Belfast road, it offers a diverse and engaging exploration of ingenious creativity. See inside the issue with our 30-second video, and find out the fascinating story of a forgotten 50s building material, whose timely invention is cause for a revival.

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