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by Grace Wang in September 2016
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A really nice part of our jobs is making that daily trip to the post room and finding exciting new magazines from publishers around the world. We open them like Christmas presents and review each one carefully, and this week, we want to share a few emerging photography magazines that really stood out.

1. The Smart View magazine, issue two

What is it? Mobile photography and art
Where is it based? Hamburg

In the editor’s letter, Founder Rosa Roth talks about gaining confidence for her magazine after being nominated for Launch of the Year at last year’s Stack Awards. After spending months volunteering for the refugee crisis in Greece, she quit her office job to focus on The Smart View. The issue features mobile photographers from all over the world, and focuses on curation in the age of picture-sharing platforms.

2. Genda magazine, issue one

What is it? Intersecting Western and Eastern culture
Where is it based? Shanghai and Milan

This bilingual (English and Chinese) publication is interested in the similarities that exist in seemingly different societies. This issue focuses on the human body as packaging, using it to illustrate the mirroring of cultures from two opposite sides of the globe.

3. Concorde Zine, issue three

What is it? Granular, niche focus on contemporary India
Where is it based? Hyderabad

Street barbers and Metro construction are just a couple themes this photography publication had chosen to focus on. The editors say they were inspired to make it because they wanted something that existed beyond the screen: “We believe that there is a certain intangible quality to viewing photographs in print that elevates the intimacy of the experience.”

4. Croco magazine, issue one

What is it? Photography, fashion and skateboarding
Where is it based? London and Spain

We were immediately grabbed by editor Maria Ciurana’s cover note — she loves looking at images by people she has never heard of, and trying to understand the world through their lens, and this magazine is her attempt to do that. Aiming to be the voice of hidden talents, it is interested in everything that’s imaginative, creative and original.

5. No Substance magazine, issue two

What is it? No text, lo-fi photography
Where is it based? London

From the blurred cover image to the lo-fi photography, this tongue-in-cheek magazine challenges the traditional aesthetic of glossy fashion publications. The interiors and exteriors of homes are the focus of this issue.

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