Podcast: Marcroy Smith, People of Print (and more…)

Posted by Steve Watson on Saturday, October 7 2017

Hear Marcroy Smith, founder of People of Print, on building an inky empire

If you’re at all interested in the vagaries of putting ink on stuff, you’ll probably be familiar with People of Print. Or maybe you’ve read Posterzine, Print Isn’t Dead, or the People of Print book. Maybe you’ve bought a print from the Department Store, or maybe you’ve found yourself gazing at the acres of lovely printed stuff on the People of Print Instagram.

It’s all the work of Marcroy Smith, and as he explains in this week’s episode of the podcast, it all began with a simple list of people who screen print. He says he never intended for it to become a business, but as it grew organically he spotted opportunities to help artists sell their work in a fair way that benefits all involved.

Have a listen to the episode below to hear it all in his own words, and check out our archives in Soundcloud and iTunes for loads of other conversations with magazine makers. And if you follow us while you’re there we’ll be able to deliver the next episode to you as soon as it’s ready.

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