Sampler: Peer magazine

Posted by Stine Fantoft Berg on Thursday, May 5 2016

This week's Sampler offer is Peer magazine, exploring the theory and research behind works of art

Two weeks ago our Sampler offer was the Haarlem-based experimental magazine Voortuin, and this week we’re returning to the Netherlands, and more specifically to Amsterdam’s red light district and the Peer artist space and magazine.

A multidisciplinary arts magazine focused on research, experimentation and the process that lies behind works of art, Peer is a collaborative project made with the artists involved in the space, and gives a reflection of what goes on within its four walls.

With its intentionally ‘imperfect’ design that mirrors the process of an artist, Peer is a magazine to be read. This issue includes an essay on personal space in St Petersburg, a magazine within a magazine made with British literary title Structo, and a peek inside artists’ notebooks.


If that sounds like your cup of tea, head over to our Sampler page to see some more spreads and to bag a copy. As always you’ll get free shipping to the UK, US and Europe and 10% off, but remember we have a limited number of copies so make sure you grab one before it’s too late.

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