Stack at home: Weapons of Reason, March 2019

by Kitty Drake in March 2019
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Weapons of Reason tackles the most pressing issues faced by the world today, breaking them down with ambitious analysis and characteristically beautiful illustration. Previous issues have addressed food, power and the Arctic, and this time it’s AI. Our favourite features humanise that bewildering subject. Like the essay proposing universal basic income as a solution to a near-future in which 50% of US jobs will be automated; or the piece about the effect of virtual assistants on emotional intimacy (“Hey Siri, what is love?”).

We have a rule at Stack — once we’ve delivered a magazine to our subscribers, it’s not eligible to go out again for at least two years, if ever. So it speaks volumes that not only have we delivered Weapons of Reason before, we delivered it exactly two years ago, in March 2017. This is literally the earliest we could have sent it out again, and from all your reactions, it looks like you love it as much as we do.

Below are some of our favourite responses sent in from Stack readers around the world. And right at the bottom, you’ll find our March subscriber of the month…

6. Up my alley
Stack delivery goals right here.

5. Reading at work
We like the way this Stack subscriber’s got their delivery peeking open next to their keyboard. Sneaking a read at work.

4. Picture perfect
Weapons of Reason are good at illustration. So good, they won Best Use of Illustration at the 2017 Stack Awards. This juicy gallery tells you why.

3. Front to back
We love this comment from Stack subscriber Robert Newman: “Brilliantly edited, written and designed from front to back… magazine making at its best!”

2. Bibliophile
The addicting thing about printed matter, is it always looks so buff next to more printed matter.

1. Floored
This month’s winner is Fiasco Design, who know the secret to great magazine photography is sexy distressed wooden flooring.

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