Video review: Gross magazine

Posted by Steve Watson on Tuesday, January 10 2017

Take a look inside the pages of Gross magazine's vinyl sticker extravaganza

I love stickers, but I don’t always love sticker magazines – no matter how much I want to stick something on my bike / drawers / invoices folder, I’m dogged by the idea of spoiling the magazine. Peel a sticker away, and you’re left with an empty space where the sticker used to be – a hole in your magazine.

But Gross magazine has come up with a clever solution by integrating its stickers throughout its pages. Peel a sticker away and you might discover a picture, a pull quote, or even a set of coordinates relating to the article you’re reading. It’s a brilliant idea that adds an extra level or surprise and interactivity to the magazine, and I’m a big fan.

Check the video below to see those stickers in all their vinyl glory, and if you like what you see, head to the Gross shop while this limited run of 1,000 copies lasts…

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