Video review: Holo magazine

by Steve Watson in December 2016
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Art & design

A magazine that documents the meeting point of art and technology, this second issue of Holo has been a long time coming. I reviewed their first issue when it came out in early 2014, and the latest instalment arrived in the office just a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve been poring over its pages ever since, and it’s testament to the size of the thing that I STILL haven’t managed to read all of it yet. This issue takes randomness as a central theme running through its stories, and there’s some frankly mind-bending stuff in there about the patterns and sequences that underpin our world, and the elusive search for true randomness.

It’s complex stuff, but the genius of Holo magazine is that it all stays approachable enough for even a layman like me to enjoy wading into the difficult bits without feeling like I’m going to be washed away. The long artist interviews help with this sense of security – meeting the sharp minds working at the cutting edge of these technologies helps to humanise the whole thing, and the magazine is also carefully paced, switching from dense stories to short section breaks to keep the reader moving through.

Take a look for yourself, and let Holo broaden your horizons…

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