Independents and the environment

by Steve Watson in March 2019
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Arguably the greatest challenge facing us today, the environmental crisis can seem impossibly overwhelming. Covering a wide range of interrelated factors, it encompasses climate change, waste disposal, energy production, deforestation, and the pollution of the air and oceans.

Faced with such an onslaught of bad news it’s tempting to look away, but a growing number of independent publishers are choosing instead to engage with the problems, producing magazines that raise awareness and promote practical, positive solutions. For this Stack Live event we’ll be bringing together some of the most interesting independent magazines dedicated entirely to environmental issues, to understand how they make an impact, inspire action, and do so while publishing sustainably and responsibly.

Come along to hear from:

The Beam – the Berlin-based magazine covering the current energy transition and the race to a zero-carbon economy

The Earth Issue – a collective of artists and creative professionals working at the intersection of fine art and environmentalism

Fashion Revolution – the global organisation striving for a more equal, more fair, more sustainable fashion industry

Hot Hot Hot – the Paris-based magazine using photography to understand the complex challenge of climate change (video presentation)

It’s Freezing in LA – the magazine that delivers a fresh perspective on climate change, with original writing and illustrations

It’s all happening at The Book Club in Shoreditch on Tuesday 26 March, from 6.30pm. Tickets cost just £6 – book your place and we’ll see you there!

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