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Posted by Grace Wang on Friday, March 17 2017

Our magazine line up is joined by a beautiful and intelligent new publication about migration

The topic of migration has become one of the defining issues of our times. From people fleeing war-torn homes to families looking for a better life, it’s a phenomenon that has accelerated with the spread of the internet, as well as rapid shifts in political landscapes.

Looking specifically at the movement of people, goods and information around the world, Migrant Journal is a six-issue magazine exploring migration and the transformative impact is has on contemporary life. For their launch issue, themed ‘Across Country’, they looked at the effect of migration on the countryside, from Italy to Iran.

Take a guided flip through it with our video review above, and marvel at the textured cover, their bronze-coated paper, and their jagged, inventive typography. You can also read our interview with founders Justinien Tribillon and Catarina De Almeida Brito to learn more about the idea behind their project.

Now that Migrant Journal has joined Stack, subscribers can look out for it in their mailboxes in the near future. If you’re thinking about singing up, our monthly magazine delivery start from £20 for three months, or £70 for a year, which means you can get a package of any of our curated, beautiful magazines for less than £6 each, plus exclusive postcards and offers every month. What’s more, it’s a surprise every time so you’ll never know which magazine you’ll get next…

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