Sampler: Delayed Gratification

by Grace Wang in March 2017
Current affairs

What happened to the refugees in Calais after the Jungle was dismantled? And the Standing Rock protests along the Dakota Access pipeline, after the construction permit was reinstated by the current US administration? Revisiting the news three months after the dust has settled, Delayed Gratification uses its slow journalism approach to give a full analysis of the stories that mattered.

Aside from offering a nuanced, unhurried read of current affairs, it’s packed with digestible infographics, and if you haven’t heard of it before, now’s a good chance to try it with free shipping and 10% off. We’ve included some spreads and story headlines below, and if it sounds interesting, head over to Sampler to order a copy.

In this issue:

— A nine-page infographic special on the extraordinary election of Donald Trump
— How a former security guard at Argos became president of the Gambia
— Calais four months after the notorious Jungle was dismantled
— The inside story on why India trashed its cash overnight
— The exhausted sailors piloting nuclear submarines
— Can anyone stop killer robots? (Answer: probably not)
— And a fond farewell to Leonard Cohen


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