Unseen Singapore in Meantime magazine

by Steve Watson in September 2019
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Pang Xue Qiang is one of the founders of Meantime, the magazine that explores the history of Singapore via the love stories of its citizens. It’s a lovely, sweet and affecting magazine that also has a deeper purpose hidden just below the surface – flying below the radar of Singapore’s strict government controls, it specialises in telling tales that you wouldn’t hear in the country’s mainstream narrative.

It’s also one of those magazines that takes full advantage of its physical format, with all sorts of print treats and hand-finished details, and in the podcast above he speaks about why that was so important to the project, and how they’re planning to develop that aspect of the production in future issues. Unfortunately the first issue is sold out now, but you can take a look at it in the video review we posted earlier this year.

And of course if you’d like to hear more independent magazine makers speaking about what they do, check our archives on Soundcloud or iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts, and you’ll find hours and hours of episodes to keep you entertained.


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