Video review: Clog magazine

Posted by Steve Watson on Friday, November 10 2017

Take a flick through Clog magazine's immersive exploration of guns and gun culture

There aren’t many subjects more controversial than guns, which makes them the perfect focus for Clog magazine. Previous issues of this New York-based magazine have focused on architecture, analysing a specific building or architect in forensic detail, but earlier this year the team switched their attention to broader themes, and in their opening statement they explain why they are fascinated by firearms:

“Its destructive and deadly purpose imbues the gun with a unique potency – both symbolic and real. Hence, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to consider the gun as just another tool or designed object. Over time, social, political, and economic forces – particularly in the United States – have created a context that often forces individuals into ‘pro-gun’ and ‘anti-gun’ factions, leaving little room to critically study the gun as an object or consider the complexity of various perspectives.”

That’s exactly what they do in this bookish issue of the magazine, presenting a huge range of perspectives to provide a thoroughly immersive reading experience that will challenge and fascinate. Take a look at the video below to take a quick flick through its 260+ pages.

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