Video review: Makeshift magazine

Posted by Steve Watson on Tuesday, August 19 2014

Redesigned and ready to take on the world, Makeshift magazine hunts out hidden creativity wherever it appears around the globe

An independent magazine with big ambitions, Makeshift was redesigned recently to shift it from being “A journal of hidden creativity” to “A field guide to hidden creativity”.

In practical terms that means it has become a bit smaller (and therefore a bit easier to throw into a bag and take out into the world) and the whole thing has become more focused, with a grid system in the running heads to give readers information at a glance.

Following on from the great interview with editor-in-chief Myles Estey on magCulture yesterday, I wanted to take a closer look at this fascinating magazine’s latest incarnation.

Two-Minute Magazines #38: Makeshift from Steven Watson on Vimeo.

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