Video review: Weapons of Reason

by Steve Watson in March 2017
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If you’re a Stack subscriber you should be very familiar with the subject of this week’s video review. Weapons of Reason is a magazine that wants to change the world, and it’s the title we delivered to our subscribers around the world earlier this month.

Each issue they focus on one of the big challenges facing the world – previous issues have investigated climate change, urbanisation and ageing, and this time they’re tacking the subject of power, asking what power is, who holds it, and what they do with it. The magazines’s approach is to take these big, unwieldy, complex subjects and break them down into a series of perspectives that can be understood in the context of past, present and future. This simple, uncomplicated structure matches the illustrations throughout, and helps to ensure that the message doesn’t become overbearing, helping the reader along from story to story.

Take a look at the video below to see it for yourself, and of course if you haven’t already read this issue, it means you’re probably not a Stack subscriber (yet). We’ve got another excellent read coming up next month, so join our magazine club and you too could have the world’s best independent print delivered to your door every month.

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