Stack at home — Weapons of Reason, March 2017

by Grace Wang in March 2017
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We received a lot of great feedback for this month’s magazine, Weapons of Reason. It’s a thoughtfully designed publication tackling the biggest issues of our time, and its accessible language and playful graphics make even political theory feel digestible.

Every month, we ask our subscribers to share their thoughts on their delivery, while we gather their responses on a Pinterest board. Here are our highlights — we also award our favourite reaction with a Stack t-shirt, and this month, the guys at Weapons of Reason are even throwing in a one year subscription to their magazine, and a certificate that says the winner is the number one subscriber! Find out who the lucky reader is…

10.Good stories and good coffee
Tracy enjoys her coffee and finds inspiration in the stories.

Inspiration for today from this amazing publication @weaponsofreason … “If we want to reach out + connect with a wide range of people, we need good stories – stories that feel achievable, adaptable + inspirational” … #stackmagazines

A post shared by Tracy Martin (@rexandd) on

9. Unreasonable weapon
“Give me two reasons not throw you into the pit of fire right now.”

8. Straight up facts
We love this pull quote shared by Elen — it blows our minds too.

Mind blown from @stackmagazines March subscription @weaponsofreason #zines

A post shared by Elen Newmam (@elenrhiannon) on

7. You are the product
Great sun-streaked image from Matthew, thank you for the nice words, too.

“You are the product” @weaponsofreason – beautifully designed and illustrated magazine form @stackmagazines #printisntdead #magazine #illustration #product

A post shared by Matthew Coules (@matthewcoules) on

6. ‘Wow’ on every page
We agree, it is eye-opening, mind-expanding reading.

This months @stackmagazines is superb and amazing… #stackmagazines

A post shared by Ally Simpson (@supers1mbo) on

5. Knowledge into action
Weapons of Reason doesn’t try to provide all of the answers, but it does want to inspire action. Looks like Ione is the latest reader they have inspired…

4. Hidden message
Zillah found a hidden message in the past three months’ Stack deliveries! Which clue will next month’s magazine reveal?

3. New favourite magazine
Ah, the three magic words we love hearing from subscribers. Thanks for sharing Sarah.

Want some inspo to broaden your horizons? Check out my new favorite magazine @weaponsofreason amazing perspectives of current times 👀 Purchase at @stackmagazines 😘👌🏽 #independentmagazines #emotionalwellness

A post shared by S A R A H | G R E E N I D G E (@livingevergreen) on

2. No-Face
This issue asked a lot of questions — who controls the media? Do social platforms give us more or less power? What’s the meaning of territory? But we’re wondering… who is this faceless, mystery reader?

@stackmagazines @weaponsofreason #stackmagazines #

A post shared by Nadine (@nadinemagner) on

1. Style tips
For us bookworms, matching our footwear with the magazine we’re reading is much more exciting than matching it with a bag. Becky definitely gets it, so a Stack tee is on her way, plus a one year subscription to Weapons of Reason and the sought-after number one subscriber certificate!

match ur socks 2 ur reading material #styletips

A post shared by Becky!!!!!!!! (@becky.boag) on

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