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Posted by Steve Watson on Saturday, March 10 2018

Wired's group creative director Andrew Diprose on his journey through Britain's biggest magazine brands

This year’s EDCH conference kicked off with Andrew Diprose and I speaking about the work he does as group creative director at Wired in the UK. That conversation focused on the ways in which his job has changed now that he needs to think not only about the print magazine, but also the website, videos, events and all the other elements of Wired he oversees these days. But I was also interested to hear about the route he took to reach this point, so once we’d left the stage we found a (relatively) quiet corner of the conference hall and recorded this latest episode of the podcast.

From i-D and Smash Hits to Tatler and GQ, Andrew has worked on some of Britain’s biggest magazine brands, and I loved hearing his stories of the different cultures he encountered along the way, and how it all led up to him launching Wired in the UK nine years ago. He’s clearly a huge magazine fan, and it’s refreshing to see that award-winning work (last year he won PPA Designer of the Year, and his team won BSME Art Team of the Year) comes from that sort of enthusiasm and dedication.

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