NXS magazine joins Stack

Posted by Grace Wang on Tuesday, April 24 2018

An experimental, collaborative print project exploring technology and identity

Pronounced ‘nexus’, NXS magazine explores the meeting point of human experiences and digital technology. The latest independent title to join the Stack lineup, this bold, weird and experimental publication is the sort of exciting print we love to see. Features are accumulated in an exquisite corpse format, where each contributor gives thought on a previous contribution, creating a network of interconnected ideas and narratives.

As photographers, graphic designers and writers feed into each others’ works, we see a flow of jumbled content, much like the digital space it aims to interpret. But unlike the reactive back and forth typical of online conversations, these dialogues are thoughtful and creatively constructive.

Their first issue looked at ‘Cyber Sensuality’ — fetishism, dating and robots — while their second explored how the self is understood in the digital space, and whether we have full agency in constructing our own image.

It is an inquisitive and imaginative publication, with plenty of daring, dexterous design for you to discover on their long, narrow pages. Find out more in our interview with the editors, and watch our video review below of their first issue to get a sense of its physicality. Then, sign up for our magazine subscription from £7/month and wait for it to slide into your letterbox in the near future…

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