Stack at home: Scenario, March 2018

Posted by Grace Wang on Monday, April 9 2018

Around the world, Stack subscribers react to last month's futurist magazine

What would life look like in the future? Scenario magazine, published by the Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies, takes apart this question to provide inquisitive writing on pop culture, politics, design, and beyond. Take a guided flick through this Stack delivery with our video review, and scroll down below to see some of the feedback we received from subscribers this month. As always, the best response wins a Stack t-shirt, and all of the comments are gathered on our Pinterest board.

6. Futurist reading
Will we still read magazines on rooftops in the future? I hope so!

5. Post with the most
Spicing up letterboxes since 2008.

My favorite thing to get in the mail: a new magaziiine 💛📖

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4. Have a nice day!
Every month, freebies like this typographic card by Petra Docekalova can be found in the big brown Stack envelope.

3. “Made me Google”
The three words we love hearing from subscribers. We’re forever grateful to the engaged readers that make it all worthwhile.

2. What’s inside?
Bobbie shares the thrill of the surprise that comes with not knowing what each month’s magazine is going to be.

1. Tour guide
Rory’s copy arrived just in time for his trip to the city where Scenario is published. Thanks for the nice pic — a t-shirt is on its way to you.


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