Podcast: MacKenzie Peck, Math magazine

Posted by Steve Watson on Saturday, November 12 2016

Hear MacKenzie Peck, editor and founder of Math magazine, speaking about why she was drawn to porn

This week’s podcast episode is not ideal for listening with children. That’s because it features my interview with MacKenzie Peck, editor and founder of Math magazine, the self-titled progressive porn quarterly.

I met MacKenzie while I was in New York, and we sat outside a Brooklyn bar on a gloriously hot September day, chatting about her motivations for making the magazine. Listening back to the conversation today, sitting on a train to Nottingham, it all seemed like a very long way away. But I was struck by her openness and candour, and particularly by her feeling that she’s actually more free publishing in print than she is on the web.

I hope you enjoy the episode. You can of course find lots of other episodes on our Soundcloud page or on iTunes, and remember to follow us so you get next week’s episode delivered direct to your phone.

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