Plan B draws to a close

Posted by Steve Watson on Friday, May 22 2009

Next issue set to be the last one for the Plan B team

Plan B has decided to call it a day, and the next issue will be their last. I’ll hopefully have some comment from the magazine in the next couple of weeks about why they decided to wind it all up, but they can take heart from the fact that they’re far from the only ones.

They join Arthur, Bearded and B East as Stack members that have had to suspend publishing or pull the plug altogether, and it’s a shame to see them go.

That said, this hopefully won’t be the end for them. All the publishers I’ve spoken to have talked of their desire to come back when conditions are looking better, and Stack will be ready and waiting to receive them with open arms. I’ve got four big new titles to announce for Stack next week, and there are new magazines coming out all the time (not to mention all the old ones I’m still discovering for the first time) so Stack isn’t going anywhere, and will continue to provide a place where magazine lovers can come to find something a bit different.

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