Magazine designer’s guide to magazines

Posted by Andrew Losowsky on Monday, November 22 2010

A special treat from Stack America: an exclusive image from the team at Bloomberg Businessweek. And it isn't what you might think...

Each mailing of Stack America arrives with an exclusive, magazine-themed print. Previous editions have been created by Jeremy Leslie, Cyrus Highsmith, Robert Newman among others.

I’ve refrained from putting them online until now, as they are intended to be a special, subscriber-only treat. However, infected by a bit of the pre-Christmas spirit, and in celebration of the completion of Stack America’s first year of mailings, I’m sharing with you a version of the latest print – not least, because it’s far too funny not to show.

The Magazine Designer’s Guide to Magazines is a creation of the design team at Bloomberg Businessweek (they tweet @BizWeekDesign), headed by Richard Turley, and it reveals everything you didn’t need to know about the down-and-dirty reality of magazine designing. Well, kind of.

Print it out, put it on your pinboard, and point to it whenever your editor won’t stop talking.

(Right-click / control-click to download)
Click here to view it as a JPEG in its glorious entirety.
Click here for a PDF version.

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