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Posted by Steve Watson on Tuesday, January 15 2013

Hear from some of the year's most exciting new magazines, then read them


Just a week to go now until Printout spends an evening talking to the people behind three brand new magazines for 2013.

We’ll be hearing from Kate Hawkings, editor of Gin & It, Eleanor Meredith, co-founder of The Loop, and Sofia Niazi, co-founder of OOMK.

We’ll also be giving away free copies of Gin & It and The Loop (OOMK is so new it doesn’t actually exist yet) so come along and you won’t just be hearing about the magazines – you could be reading them too! As always tickets are just £5 and it’s a good idea to buy them in advance.

UPDATE – Eleanor has just found out that Gin & It is going to be stocked in Monocle stores. That’s great news for Gin & It, but less good news for people hoping to pick up a free copy tonight. There will still be free copies available, but we no longer have enough to give to everyone. First come first served!

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