Printout! update

Posted by Steve Watson on Thursday, April 21 2011

The magazine night from Stack and magCulture gets a logo – and a confirmed list of speakers

Two exciting bits of news for next week’s Printout! magazine night:

1. We’ve got a logo – there it is, looking lovely courtesy of Jeremy from magCulture.

2. We’ve got a confirmed list of speakers – none other than Tim Hayward from Fire & Knives, Rob Orchard from Delayed Gratification and John L Walters from Eye. If you’ve heard any of them speak before you’ll know that this is shaping up to be a top quality panel, and all of them have been hand-picked for their expertise and insight on the blog vs. print debate.

Tickets are selling fast, so if you want to hear what they have to say (and browse through our pop-up library of independent magazines from around the world) reserve your place now. It’s only £5 to get in, and the price includes a free magazine. Can’t be bad.

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