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Posted by Steve Watson on Saturday, February 28 2009

Radio 4 on Stack and magazines in the recession

I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago for Radio 4’s You and Yours programme, which went out yesterday. I didn’t realise it had gone out until new subscribers started saying that they’d heard about Stack on the radio, so thanks very much to everyone who emailed in.

For anyone who didn’t hear it, I’ve included the clip below. You get to hear me stumbling over what makes Russia! magazine so good; “err, it’s about Russia?” (there’s a slightly more detailed explanation on the Russia! page). You also get to hear legend Jeremy Leslie on why magazines need new methods of distribution, and some bloke called Tyler Brule talking about an obscure magazine called Monocle, or something like that. It’s good to see the little mags getting some attention – good luck to him.

Stack on You and Yours

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