Top tips on how to publish an independent magazine

Posted by Steve Watson on Saturday, June 9 2018

Hear Conor Purcell, author of The Magazine Blueprint, on the things all independent magazine makers need to know

Conor Purcell has been making magazines for a long time. He’s spent the last 13 years working on both corporate jobs and his own independent projects, making mistakes and learning along the way, and now he’s pooled all that experience in a new book: The Magazine Blueprint. Except he hasn’t only written about his own adventures – he’s spoken to more than 50 editors, art directors, publishers and magazine sellers to create a comprehensive guide to independent publishing.

He dropped in at Somerset House this week to speak about the making of the book, why it all takes so long to go from the idea to the finished printed object, and why he’s still learning as he goes. You can hear our conversation below, and remember our archives are a treasure trove of independent publishing insights – check them out on Soundcloud or iTunes to hear loads of magazine makers speaking about the stuff they’ve picked up along the way.

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