Video review: Document magazine

Posted by Steve Watson on Tuesday, October 14 2014

Document fashion magazine is one of this Autumn's weightiest newsstand contenders - we take a flick through its 400-odd pages

Never mind changing leaves and days shortening – a quick look at the newsstand will tell you that Autumn is here. The fashion magazines have all got their big, bulging Autumn / Winter issues out, and when it comes to sheer size there aren’t many that can match Document.

A fashion magazine that takes a distinctly artistic approach to its subject, Document makes for a great read (if you’ve got the strength to hold the thing open for any length of time) and with its pages of advertising subsidising the cover price it’s fantastic value too.

Take a look at our video below, and if you want more fashion don’t forget our interview with Address founder Johannes Reponen for an altogether more modest look at the industry.

Two-Minute Magazines #46: Document from Steven Watson on Vimeo.

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