Magazines in a time of coronavirus: Vestoj

by Kitty Drake in April 2020
Fashion & style

Inspired by MacGuffin, which bases every issue around one seemingly mundane object, we asked the editors of our favourite magazines to share an object that brings them comfort. Touch now carries the risk of contagion, but strangely, that new reality has made the physical contact we do have — and the physical things we surround ourselves with — feel more precious. Up today,  Anja Aronowsky Cronberg of Vestoj tells us about her ipod.

“Years ago when I lived in London and had to entertain myself on my long daily commutes, I’d always have my ipod in my jacket pocket. As soon as I got on my bike I’d press play and sing along, very loudly, to whatever I felt like listening to that day. Pop I’d have been embarrassed to listen to as an adolescent mostly. If anyone looked at me funny (and many did), it didn’t matter because by the time they turned around to see who was killing the cat, I was too far down the street to care. As I’m sure most of you know, singing with headphones on makes you sound like a pro in your head so I was guaranteed to arrive at my destination in a great mood. After moving to Paris I stopped cycling and listening to music at the same time because, well frankly it’s dangerous. Also the distances are smaller here so I’d never get far enough from my public to be shameless which took the fun away. But now that I’ve had to give up my bums n’ tums classes at the gym my ipod’s back in my pocket. The streets are empty so there’s neither traffic nor disapproving looks to worry about. This morning’s state sanctioned exercise began with ‘Voulez-Vous’ and ended with ‘Poison,’ and I came home a little hoarse but feeling that today, today will be a good day.”

— Anja Aronowsky Cronberg

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