Can a vinyl record be a magazine?

Posted by Steve Watson on Saturday, February 24 2018

Hear Andrew Foxall from The Party Next Door explain the thinking behind his publishing experiment

I love to see people pushing the boundaries of what a magazine can be, so I was very interested to come across The Party Next Door, a new title from creative practice Foxall Studio. Presented as a 12-inch vinyl record, held in a screen printed sleeve, which in turn is contained in a gatefold outer sleeve, it looks to all intents and purposes like a regular record. But it’s titled issue one, and when he came over to the Stack offices, co-founder Andrew Foxall explained that this is a deliberate attempt to expand conventional ideas of what makes a magazine.

You can hear his thinking in the episode below – listen through to the end if you’d like to hear my verdict on it, and if you have particularly strong feelings about this unconventional magazine making please do let us know. As ever you can reach us via Twitter or Facebook, or just drop me an email.

And if all this makes you hanker after a more traditional magazine enjoyment, check us out on Soundcloud or iTunes, where you’ll find loads of other conversations with independent magazine makers.



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