Video review: Off Life magazine

Posted by Steve Watson on Tuesday, September 23 2014

See how Off Life magazine uses print to spread its comics message to the masses

One of the great strengths of print is its permanence – it’s often noted that unlike web pages, magazines and books can be placed on the shelf and returned to years later. But it’s also true that print can be impermanent.

Off Life magazine takes advantage of that impermanence by presenting a selection of beautiful comic strips in a free magazine distributed around Bristol, Bath, Cardiff and London. Their stated aim is to reach readers who wouldn’t normally engage with comics, and a free magazine that can be enjoyed, then binned or passed on afterwards is the perfect vehicle for spreading their panels of propaganda.

Take a look at the video below and you’ll see why it’s so effective. And if you want to have a read for yourself check out their site – every issue of Off Life is available to read for free.

Two-Minute Magazines #43: Off Life from Steven Watson on Vimeo.

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