Podcast: Giovanni Marchini Camia, Fireflies magazine

by Steve Watson in April 2017

Last Tuesday night we held our Stack Live event Magazines at the Movies, focusing on some of our favourite independent film magazines. As part of that we flew Giovanni Marchini Camia over from Berlin to speak about Fireflies magazine, the arts-based movie title he creates alongside Annabel Brady-Brown and James Geoffrey Nunn. I wanted to make the most of having him in town, so we met up early at The Book Club before everyone else arrived, and found a quiet corner to record this podcast conversation.

He spoke about their desire to find a new way of considering film based around an artistic rather than a critical response, and some of the difficulties that come along with that. Fireflies is a really fascinating magazine, offering a very personal and nuanced appreciation of film as art, and I think a sense of that care and complexity comes across in our conversation.

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