Food and Losers

by Kitty Drake in December 2019
Food & drinkWeird

The opening pages of Food & Losers are devoted to teddy bears. Teddy bears made out of skin. The skin is yellowing — it looks a bit like the hardened fat on pork — and some of the teddys are smiling. There’s a question on the cover: “If animals don’t want to be eaten then why are they made out of food?” That question, combined with the skin teddys, is eery, and deliciously un-woke. Food magazines are never eery. 

Food & is the fifth in a series of “unusual encounters with food”; previous subjects have included nuclear war and bathrooms. Losers is no less strange, featuring a small piece about body parts lost to cooking accidents (the tip of a finger; the corner of a tooth), and sketches of small devils who appear to be eating their own arms. One theme is the pleasure of eating alone. Dishes best eaten solo are, apparently: “Uncooked instant ramen; a chip from the floor; every last gummy from the bag”.

Below we’ve collected some of the most ridiculous spreads.


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