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Posted by Grace Wang on Thursday, May 18 2017

A new magazine about cooking outside, over live fire

There’s a new food magazine in town, and it’s all about barbecuing. Founded by the editors and art directors behind Food Stories and Eye Magazine, Pit is filled to the brim with features on cooking outside, over live fire.

Exploring global cooking methods like Jamaican jerk drums, Polynesian Imu fire pits, and good ol’ American BBQ, it’ll make you long after summer cookout sessions where you can taste the smoke in the air. Scroll down to see the delicious-looking features, and if you like the look of it, order it on Sampler free shipping.


In this issue:
— Martin Parr on the great British barbecue
— The beauty of brisket, explained by the founder of Shoreditch restaurant Smokestak, David Carter
— Why does smoke make meat taste so good? The science of smoke, illustrated by Jamie Jones
— Different types of ribs, and how to eat them, photographed by Robert Billington
— How to cook lentils on the barbecue, illustrated by Lizzie Lomax
— And Pit’s Instant BBQ Challenge with chef and owner of Temper, Neil Rankin







Every week we put up a newly launched magazine on Sampler, where readers can get it for 10% off and free shipping to the UK, US, and Europe. But we have limited copies available, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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