The Gourmand will make you hungry

by Kitty Drake in February 2020
Food & drink

The thirteenth issue of The Gourmand features a fabulously zoomed in photograph of a can of coke on the cover, by Bobby Doherty. Other visual treats include picnic-inspired photo montage by Maisie Cousins and an extraordinary reinterpretation of a Renaissance wedding from 550 years ago, by Kiernan Monaghan and Theo Vamvounakis. Written pieces are no less beautiful, blending the kind of elegance and depth of research long-time readers of this inimitable food magazine have come to expect. 

Take a look at the video to flick through some of our favourite bits, including a cookbook written in the midst of an explosive love affair, and a snoop round the home of legendary restaurant critic Ruth Reichl.

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