Poetry and community in hotdog magazine

Posted by Steve Watson on Saturday, March 3 2018

Co-founder Megan Conery speaks about representing the poets and artists who make hotdog magazine

We delivered hotdog magazine on Stack last month, and lots of our subscribers took to Twitter and Instagram to say how much they enjoyed its refreshing approach to poetry. We’ve watched hotdog grow over the years, getting stronger issue by issue while retaining a sense of outsider cool, so I invited co-founder Megan Conery over to the Stack office to speak about the motivations that drive her and fellow founder Molly Taylor.

It was interesting to hear that from the beginning, the pair have judged the success of the magazine on the response of the poets and artists in its pages, and so representing the work as faithfully as possible has become the magazine’s top priority. That has led to fastidious editorial processes (Megan speaks about the need for multiple rounds of feedback with their interviewees) and a natural sense of community that shines out of the pages.

If you’re a Stack subscriber, I hope you enjoyed reading hotdog and that this conversation helps provide a bit more context on where the magazine comes from. And if you’re not a Stack subscriber yet, now’s the time to join! If you’d like to receive a surprise magazine like hotdog every month, use the code PODCAST when you sign up to save 10% on our regular prices.

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