Literary science fiction in Visions magazine

by Steve Watson in April 2019

Mathieu Triay is the editor of Visions magazine, a literary science fiction title that publishes a wide range of stories; from super-short flash fiction written in collaboration with a computer author, through to a whole novel translated from French to English for the first time. Triay is a tinkerer, a creative technologist who has mixed his wide-ranging skills with his love for sci-fi to produce this unique magazine, and in this episode of the Stack podcast he explains why he decided to work in print, what made him want to become a translator, and how he paid for the whole thing by creating a typeface.

It’s a beautiful passion project and I’m very pleased that we have copies available in the Stack shop, so take a look at the spreads below to get a better idea of what it’s all about, and if you like what you see, buy your copy to enjoy Visions in all its print glory.


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Visions issue 1 Typography, Literature, Sci-fi

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