Video review: Still magazine

Posted by Steve Watson on Tuesday, September 12 2017

Take a look inside Still magazine, the literary title that challenges conventional forms of writing and photography

One of the most surprising and heartening feelings I have working with independent magazines comes when I discover an apparently new magazine for the first time, and then realise that it has actually been around for ages, putting out issues and perfecting its craft. I got to enjoy that feeling this weekend when I finally sat down with Still, a literary and arts magazine that’s now on issue five, which had been thrust into my hands by its maker a few weeks ago at Indiecon.

It’s notoriously difficult to evaluate a literary magazine in the moment – the whole point is that you need to sit down and spend some time with the words on the page. So while I knew at first glance that Still looks interesting, it was only once I got into their form-flexing stories, poems and other written pieces that I really got what it’s all about.

This is a magazine that wants to push beyond genre conventions and experiment with artistic expression. As you’ll see from the video, I really enjoyed their selection of texts, which I can safely say I wouldn’t have come across anywhere else, and the whole thing is bundled up in a beautifully considered editorial package. They publish one issue per year, and I’m already looking forward to number six coming out next Spring.

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