Podcast: Tom Armstrong, The Move magazine

by Steve Watson in January 2017

I love it when a magazine opens me up to things I wouldn’t otherwise have encountered, and that’s exactly what The Move did when I read it over the Christmas break. A magazine of underground music and club culture, it’s built on a very specific sub-genre of London’s live music scene, but bursts out of it with amazing stories that range from wartime Bosnia to dancehall Jamaica.

Editor Tom Armstrong is full of energy and enthusiasm, a genuine evangelist of club culture, and while this is his first foray into running a print magazine, he’s being backed up by James Brown, the publishing pioneer who launched Loaded magazine back in 1994. The result is a brilliantly authentic read that opened me up to a whole new world of music on my doorstep.

Tom came over to our offices after work on Wednesday night this week to speak about his experience launching The Move magazine, the community already building up around it, and the buzz he gets from helping people to discover new things. This is our first podcast episode of 2017 and it gets things off to a suitably optimistic and energetic start – if you enjoy it, check out our previous episodes on Soundcloud and iTunes, and while you’re there follow us to make sure next week’s episode comes straight to your phone when it’s released.

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