Women of Rock, as seen in Gusher, Tom Tom and She Shreds magazines

by Steve Watson in April 2019

Independent magazines are brilliant at burrowing down into a niche. Published by people who are often both experts and fans, they’re able to uncover stories that are otherwise overlooked, and when they do turn their attention to more mainstream subjects, they do so with the benefit of their own unique character and point of view.

In Gusher, for example, an Australian magazine that focuses on “rock and roll as told by women”, there’s a distinctly collegiate approach to interviews, which remains the same whether the subject is 50-year-old punk legend Kathleen Hanna or up-and-coming Japanese band Chai. Informed, opinionated, supportive and inclusive, Gusher is clearly made by people who live their publication, writing for a readership who want to immerse themselves in that world.

Going deeper still, Tom Tom and She Shreds zoom in on specific instruments, Tom Tom telling stories of women who play drums and She Shreds focusing on women who play guitar. Tom Tom also brings a political edge to this latest issue, while She Shreds espouses a sort of grass roots enthusiasm, both magazines supporting women who are finding their own way into musical worlds that are traditionally male dominated.

Take a look at the video above to see a very brief flick through each of them, and if you like what you see, head over to the Stack shop to pick them up for yourself. We’re selling Gusher, Tom Tom and She Shreds as individual titles, but if you buy all three together you’ll save 25% off the total price, making this the ideal opportunity to broaden your horizons and try something you might not otherwise have picked up.


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