Your guide to… Dog magazine #2, by editor Julian Victoria

by Grace Wang in May 2017

One of the most playful titles that launched last year was no doubt Dog magazine. It’s completely infatuated with the four-legged animal, and their love shines through pages of devoted photography and earnest writing. The second issue is dedicated to the Shiba Inu and its home country of Japan, and intimately portrays the unique relationship owners have with their beloved pets.

We asked editor Julian Victoria to give us his highlights from the issue.


1. Our cover star – the Shiba Inu
You’d be hard pushed to find another dog that is so ingrained within a nation’s zeitgeist; it’s such a big part of Japan’s past and present culture and history. But as cute as the Shiba might look (these little tykes also only stand at around 15 inches high), they are rambunctious, fun and independent with a brazen personality. And that is just what we wanted to reflect in this issue – colour, humour, style and a dash of sophistication.

Extras: will be sharing some pics that didn’t make it to our issue 2 since we ran out pages. . . Love this little guy n his cheeky look ❤🐕😍. . . . . . . . . #readdogmag #independentmag #print #dog #dogmagazine #dogs #dogoftheday #lovedogs #atdogs #dogscorner #printisnotdead #london #madeinlondon #londonmagazine #dogs_of_instagram #ilovemydog #shibainu #shiba #shibastagram #shibalove #shibaphoto #photography #photographer

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2. Japan – the land of the rising sun
It took little (if no) convincing for us to head over to Japan. Not only did we want to capture some shots of our lead dog in its home nation, we also wanted to capture the magical spirit of Japan. The bustling streets of Tokyo or the serene and calm hills of Kyoto provided some stunning scenery for us to photograph. If only we had more pages to fit in more images.


3. The dog of an urbanist and magazine aficionado
Living and working in a fast-paced cosmopolitan city is challenging at the best of times. Doing that with a dog for some would be all too much, but this is second nature to Andrew Tuck, founding editor of Monocle magazine. For most of Andrew’s London life he has lived with a dog and as a consequence, he understands how to balance his successful media career and his life with his fox terrier, Macy. We loved speaking with Andrew to gain an insight on his life, his career, his dog and speaking to a magazine aficionado such as him.

4. Japanese illustrator Tatsuro Kiuchiy draws the Shiba Inu
Illustrations feature a lot in issue two. We loved reaching out and working with some fantastic artists. They have produced content that really epitomises the essence of Dog, the lifestyle of modern dog owners and often a humorous sensibility to the topics we cover. A collection of illustrations from Japanese artist, Tatsuro Kiuchi (below), really portray the Shiba in an array of wacky situations.


5. Exploring umami and beyond
From our travels in the awe inspiring Japan, we recognised that there was a commonality to all of our adventures – an overwhelming sensory overload. We wanted to capitalise on this and share this with our readers. This issue explores the tasting delight of umami, from the ancient art of sumo wrestling to interviewing Perfumer H owner Lyn Harris about the olfactory wonders produced in her Marylebone store. Use your own sense of sight to explore this in the issue!


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