Sampler: Agapornis magazine

by Stine Fantoft Berg in June 2016

This week’s Sampler offer is the Barcelona-based Agapornis magazine, a lovely, playful title about animals and the influence they have on contemporary culture, from design to fashion and fine art.

Through essays, photo stories and interviews, Agapornis (taken from the scientific name for the lovebird) tells stories of domestic animals alongside exotic, from cats and dogs to rabbits and seahorses.

In this issue:
• Singer Russian Red and shoemaker Nunu Solsona explain how their dogs and cats inspire their lives and work
• Maria Herreros on how she fell in love with a dog suffering from a traumatised past
• An emotional travel journal featuring the beautiful cats from La Medina de Chefchaouen in Morocco


Pick up a copy of Agapornis from Sampler and you’ll get 10% off and free shipping to the UK, Europe and US and subsidised everywhere else. As always, we only have a limited number of copies, so if you want this magazine in your life, go grab one now!

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