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Thiiird issue 4 Identity, Race, Culture

Perdiz issue 10 Happiness, Personal stories, Visual culture

Club Sandwich issue 3 Art, Food, Pickles

The Gentlewoman issue 20 Interviews, Women, Fashion

Lost issue 6 Travel, Self-discovery, Epiphanies

Kajet issue 3 Academic, Eastern Europe, Struggle

Gym Class magazine volume 2 issue 2 Magazines, Longform, Paper

American Chordata issue 9 Poetry, Literature, Art

The White Review issue 25 Literature, Art, Longform

Racquet issue 10 Tennis, Sport, Rivalry

Fare issue 5 Travel, Glasgow, Food

Nataal issue 2 Art, Fashion, African diaspora

Sidetracked issue 15 Adventure, Travel, Personal stories

The Happy Reader issue 13 Literature, Owen Wilson, Stoicism

Screen Shot issue 4 Technology, Future, Youth culture

Record issue 6 Music, Collecting, Studios

Profane issue 8 Amateurs, Hobbies, Passions

Berlin Quarterly issue 10 Europe, Photography, Literature

Where Is the Cool? issue 2 Photography, Cool, Lists

Oh So issue 2 Women, Skateboarding, Sport

Backstage Talks issue 4 Interviews, Design, Creative industry

Harvard Design Magazine issue 47 Interiors, Design, Academic

Eye on Design pin badge

The Garden collection Plants, Gardens, Art

Elementum issue 5 Nature, Environment, Time

A Dance Mag issue 2 Dance, Movement, Furor

Migrant Journal issue 6 Migration, Transformation, Space

Next To Nothing issue 2 Advice, Filmmaking, Inspiration

Nansen issue 2 Community, Migration, Lisbon

Another Escape issue 12 Nature, Travel, Water

The Cannabis collection Cannabis, Food, Personal stories

MacGuffin issue 7 Design, Trousers, Things

Plantain Papers issue 2 Food, Personal stories, Caribbean and African diaspora

Terrible People issue 3 Bodies, Personal stories, Dark humour

Matto issue 2 Photography, Conceptual, Experimentation

Broccoli issue 5 Women, Obsessions, Cannabis

It’s Freezing in LA! issue 3 Future, Environment, Climate crisis

This is Badland issue 3 Balkans, Creativity, Self

Nang issue 6 Asian cinema, Film, Manifesto

The Gourmand issue 12 Photography, Art, Food

Avaunt issue 8 Adventure, Human experience, Extremes

Purveyr issue 5 Creativity, Philippines, World

Eye issue 98 Typography, Design, Visual culture

Contra issue 2 Protest, Art, Conflict

The Earth Issue issue 3 Art, Climate crisis, Sustainability

Gossamer issue 3 Cannabis, Personal stories, Night

Miss You World issue 1 Philosophy, Dark humour, Society

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