Art and football unite on the pages of OOF magazine

Posted by Steve Watson on Saturday, May 19 2018

Hear Eddy Frankel, editor of OOF magazine, on why art about football is boring

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The first issue of OOF magazine hit newsstands earlier this year and promptly sold out within a couple of weeks. With this summer’s World Cup looming, issue two has just gone to print, so editor and founder Eddy Frankel stopped in at the Stack office to explain what his magazine is all about, and why he felt compelled to produce his own unique take on the beautiful game.

Billing itself as ‘the art and football magazine’, it investigates the places where art and football intersect, but as Eddy says, “If art is about football it’s really boring”. Instead he’s interested in the things football can tell us when it’s used as a metaphor, and in the podcast below he talks about the need to get away from trite cliches (the phrase ‘the beautiful game’ is banned from his pages) and what he learned from a crowd of Polish football hooligans.

He also reveals why the magazine is the specific size and shape it is, which I found one of the silliest and most enjoyable pieces of print production geekery I’ve heard in a long time. If you enjoy this one, remember you can find lots more conversations with magazine makers in our archives on Soundcloud or iTunes – football fans might want to zip back to last year’s episode with Dan and Seb from Mundial to hear a very different take on independent football publishing…

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