Video review: Works That Work magazine

Posted by Steve Watson on Tuesday, June 6 2017

Cheats, tweaks and champions – take a look inside the 'play' issue from Works That Work

Taking a serious look at sports and games, the latest issue of Works That Work uncovers a series of fascinating stories about why we play the way we play. From understanding the role of strategy and tactics, through to the dark arts of top-level cheating, and the design of women’s sports clothes, this is an analytical appreciation of the unexpected, and often unseen or under-appreciated creativity at work on the pitch / court / board.

Regular readers will know that this is what Works That Work is renowned for, but it’s even more evident than usual when applied to sports, a subject that tends to be written about with partisan zeal, or at least a degree of passion and excitement. So while there’s plenty of lightness on the page, and even humour, Works That Work maintains a degree of distance from its subject to provide its trademark analytical appreciation.

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