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A biannual magazine of things that make people happy, Perdiz is a Spanish / English experiment in optimistic publishing. With its foiled covers and lovely exposed binding, it’s one of the most beautiful titles occupying any shelf.

Marta Puigdemasa

Job title
Founder and editor-in-chief

What is Perdiz?
A magazine about things that make people happy.

Yes, we’re optimistic, but we don’t tell our readers what they should do to be happy, or even suggest that they should do anything. We simply show what makes others happy and satisfied with their lives. And you can’t imagine how diverse that is! Each issue has some Good News (yes, we found some). And our Nice Things section features great photography and illustration, in order to stimulate the areas of our readers’ brains related to pleasure.

What makes it different to the rest?
The topic, the design and the way we approach every article. Some bookshops, advertisers or people in general are confused when they first see our mag because they can’t classify it under one of their typified tags (fashion, music, food, etc). That’s great, because it means we’re doing something new. But I must admit that it also causes us some trouble.

Who makes Perdiz?
Marc Romo and Eloi Montenegro (art directors at Querida Studio), Soledad Amado (deputy editor), Derek Robertson (English editor), Borja Ballbé (Photography editor), Vito Pitino (translator), Ana Portolés and Richard Aslan (proofreaders), me and an endless list of contributors around the world. They’re mainly friends or people we’ve previously worked with, but also photographers, artists, illustrators or journalists that approach us with nice words about the mag.

Who reads it?
My parents? Haha. We make the magazine for anyone out there interested in living better and willing to get inspired by other people’s positive stories. However, due to Perdiz’s design and the type of bookshops that stock us (mostly contemporary art museum bookshops) most of our readership turns out to be 20-30-something folks interested in design and print media.

Why do you work in magazines?
Because my mother is a bookworm, and I’ve inherited a bit of her spirit and passions. Because writing is the only activity that hasn’t bored me throughout the years. Because I love meeting people that are very different from me and knowing their stories – and working in journalism provides me with new victims every now and then. And because I love paper. And why do I love paper? Because I spend most of my day in front of a computer screen!

Aside from the print magazine, what else are you involved in?
I’ve worked for an independent publishing company for more than eight years and now I’m editing texts in Spanish for a major computer company, and writing for other magazines and brands about culture, lifestyle and cities.

What would you change about Perdiz if you could?
The number of hours that we are currently able to work on it and the money we have to produce it. Right now, it’s only our hobby! If we had a few more resources it would make a big difference. Design- or content-wise, we’re doing what we love (within our reach), but every time we finish an issue I start thinking about all the things I’d like to change and try for the next one. Trial and error eventually equals improvement. I like change.

Where do you see Perdiz in five years?
I don’t know. I couldn’t even tell you as far as next weekend. And I’m already very proud of what we’ve reached so far. But I do hope Perdiz will still be on the shelves in five years. If so, I’ll be extremely happy to have a rainbow made from PERDIZ’s differently coloured issues on my bookshelf.

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