Travel and “holiness” in Cartography magazine

Posted by Steve Watson on Saturday, April 21 2018

Hear how history, nature and mythology lead the travel stories told in Cartography magazine

On Tuesday night we hosted our latest Stack Live event, this time telling the stories behind the stories of Cartography magazine. A travel magazine that leads with beautiful (and sometimes strange) photography, I was struck when I first saw it by a sense of spirituality running through its pages. As well as reporting on the people and places they encounter on their travels, they also reflect on more timeless themes of nature, ancestry and mythology, bundling it all together to create a totally original interpretation of travel journalism.

The event itself included a presentation and videos that wouldn’t have made much sense as audio, so before everything kicked off I sat down with editors and creative directors Paula Corini and Luca De Santis to record this week’s episode of the podcast. As you’ll hear, Luca preferred to let Paula do the talking, and she went into great detail about the ideas and motivation behind the magazine and its unique take on travel.

I find Cartography a fascinating print and this conversation really unlocked the magazine for me. I hope you enjoy it too – if you’d like to hear more conversations with magazine makers check us out on Soundcloud or iTunes, and of course if you follow us while you’re there we’ll deliver next week’s episode to you as soon as it’s ready.

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